Garden Webinars 2022: Meet Our Speakers

Janet Macunovich

Janet is a professional gardener, designer, author and educator. Known as "the lady at the flower house, the one with no lawn," she began designing for others in 1980, teaching a college garden design course in 1987, and published her first book in 1990.

In 1985 Janet established Perennial Favorites, a garden and landscape design firm. In 1988 she expanded the business from part-time to full-time.

Janet's formal education in gardening and design includes hundreds of hours of seminars and workshops at botanical gardens and educational institutions in several states. She has completed the Michigan State University Extension gardening program and is active in the community as an Advanced Master Gardener. Janet sees education as a lifelong process and established The Michigan School of Gardening, where she was a director and senior instructor. 

Ed Blondin

Ed Blondin is the owner of Hortulus Gardens & Landscape, a niche garden design company serving the needs of clients in S.E. Michigan. When not in a garden, Ed is exploring the history of gardens throughout the millennia. His lectures are not "how to" guides on gardening but rather, humorous and historical perspectives on gardening and how these garden traditions have molded our western social "norms" and, of course, our modern garden aesthetic.

Headshot of Ed Blondin

Laurie Tennent

Laurie Tennent is an American photographer known for her distinctive, dramatic botanical images. Laurie is represented by galleries internationally and her work is part of many public and private collections including, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, The Mira Goddard Center for Photography at Ryerson University, Toronto ,The Detroit Institute of Arts, Kresge Art Foundation, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, The Gap/Doris Fisher Collection and the Chicago Botanic Garden. 
She holds a BFA from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. With an acute sensitivity to today’s persistent digital noise, Laurie’s collection of intimate portraits command attention by returning us to our most primitive and organic roots. Isolating delicate living structures and amplifying them on a massive scale transports the viewer to a serene space where we are encouraged to breathe and to reconnect with the simple beauty of these objects. Laurie exhibits the collection in botanical gardens, galleries, and museums. Private collector installations include interior or exterior of the home, and as sculpture outdoors.

Headshot of Laurie Tennent