House & Gardens

As the oldest manor home in southeastern Michigan, Cranbrook House offers a distinctive glimpse into a time when décor, artistry and nature merged. The surrounding gardens, tended by hundreds of volunteers throughout the year, are filled with colorful scented blooms and a tapestry of greenery, side by side with exquisite fountains, sculptures, shaded dells and mossy bogs. Please visit our Plan A Visit page for tour times and pricing. 

There are certain natural and artificial surface conditions, such as grass, wood chips, stones, stairs, steep slopes and uneven terrain which can make walking and use of a wheelchair difficult. A map designating the most accessible path is available at the gatehouse. Assistance for persons using wheelchairs or walkers is recommended. When the Gatehouse/Welcome Center is closed there is no access to bathrooms in the gardens. For any questions or concerns please call 248 645.3149