How to Grow Microgreens in 7 Steps

Kathy Meloy
May 14, 2020

During this period that we're encouraged to extend the time between grocery store trips, try growing your own microgreens at home. Good varieties to enjoy are sunflower, radish, and salad greens. Microgreens can be a delicious and nutritious addition to just about every menu. They are quick to grow and their progress is fun to watch, making them a great project to do with kids too...

Cranbrook House Lunch Salad 2018

Lou's Lawn Care Tips

Lou Borsheim
April 30, 2020

Louis (Lou) Borsheim is a Cranbrook retiree who devoted 50 years to keeping the grounds looking beautiful. After retiring as gardens supervisor, Lou returned to Cranbrook Gardens as a Cranbrook House & Gardens Auxiliary volunteer. Read below for a couple of Lou's lawn care tips to help your grass look great this season...

Shop Your Garden

Beth Lilley
April 24, 2020

While at home, it may be a good time to look to your garden for “new” perennials. Spring is a good time to divide perennials that have outgrown their space, fill in blank spots in your garden, or for plant rejuvenation...

3 Tips to Happy Houseplants

Paula Olsen
April 16, 2020

1) Choose houseplants based on sun direction in room where plant will live.

2) Keep a magnifying glass handy to check indoor plants for insects and treat as needed...

7 Spring Cleanup Tips

Beth Lilley
April 9, 2020

1. Start cleanup near the house.

2. Gently remove matted leaves to uncover early spring ornamentals first, such as emerging spring bulbs and ephemerals...